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After minor dip, Bitcoin value continues to soar

Did any of you have any Bitcoins saved up? If so chances are you've made a killing recently, as the value of the digital currency is continuing to soar to new heights, despite a recent stumble on its latest rise.

While just a few weeks ago the highest ever value for a single Bitcoin was around $260, at the time of writing the average purchase price over the past handful of transactions is over $370. The latest buy according to Mt.Gox is $381 with the highest recent buy going for a whopping $391.5 per coin. Compare this with mid-July this year where the currency bottomed out at $69 and Bitcoin continues to show its volatility and potential for big earnings if you get in at the right time.

Apart from the latest dip near its peak, the rise and fall of the currency's value has mirrored its earlier spike. 

The question many are wondering, is what's driving this latest peak in value? It could be the relaunch of drugs marketplace Silkroad (version 2.0, with new owners), though some have suggested that many Bitcoin buys are coming from Chinese businessmen who see it as a big future investment.

Bitcoin is becoming quite a legitimate means of investment and expenditure in China too, with one company even allowing real estate to be purchased with the digital currency. 

KitGuru Says: I think I have about 0.1 of a Bitcoin in a wallet somewhere, so I've probably made a few bucks on it. What about you guys? Have any of you got some saved up? If so, are you thinking of selling soon?

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