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Project Cars leapfrogs current gen

SlightlyMad Studios, the developer behind the upcoming, stunning looking, racing title Project Cars, has announced that while it will be bringing the game to Xbox One, WiiU and PlayStation 4, it will not be making a version for current gen consoles. Steam OS is also getting a look in, alongside the Windows version that was already announced.

All versions of the game will be released around the same time in 2014, though beyond it coming in the “fall,” it's not been made clear when that will be. However, SlightlyMad Studios is promising unprecedented levels of graphical fidelity, as well as new features powered by the increased processing power of next-gen machines. This includes a new tyre module that tracks tyre wear throughout the race and makes the car respond realistically.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9MxphZiiTw']

“Project CARS has always led the pack in terms of insane detail,” said studio head, Ian Bell. “Whether that’s graphically in the craftsmanship of our cars and tracks, technically in the way we’ve approached weather and time of day, or emotionally in how each car feels and responds to your touch. These powerful new platforms allow us therefore to not compromise on the quality of our vision and ultimately that means players are going to experience something truly breathtaking when they get behind the wheel.”

Some cars will be bigger than others

SlightlyMad studios is also building the game as part of its World of Mass Development platform, where game developers are kept in close proximity with their fans, letting them not only let the community in on what they're doing and how the game is progressing, but also to crowd source ideas if needed. The idea is to connect the developer with gamers, not the developer with publishers.

KitGuru Says: Considering how much easier this next-gen of machines is supposed to be to develop for, I'm not surprised SlightlyMad is skipping the current gen. They'd just look awful in comparison and with a year lead-in on this, the install base for the wide range of platforms the developer is targeting will mean it isn't missing out too much. 

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