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Project Eternity breaks Kickstarter game record

A new record has been set for the crowd funding of a game on Kickstarter, as Project Eternity ends its run on the site just shy of $4 million (£2.47 million) – over 3.5 times its original $1.1 million goal.

As the game entered its last hours of funding, the team behind its development – Obsidian Entertainment – took to Twitch TV to show their appreciation to the backers and celebrate the countdown to the end of the Kickstarter campaign. Blow up unicorns were thrown around, music was played, cheers were had whenever another $10,000 poured in from supporters and finally as it all came to a close, CEO of Obsidian Feargus Urquheart stepped forward and said: “We just want to thank everybody for helping. Everybody here is just extremely ecstatic about making project Eternity.”

Project Eternity
Project Eternity promises to bring back gameplay like Baldur's Gate and Planescape: Torment

Lots of stretch goals and extra rewards were added throughout the game's funding campaign, with extra dungeons, a second giant city, new classes and companions, extra races, an audio soundtrack CD, a development documentary, playing cards, lots of swag including pens, t-shirts, coasters etc. and even 30 limited AMD packs including a CPU for those that paid over a certain amount.

Ultimately, while the stretch goal of $4 million Kickstarter donations wasn't quite reached, with Paypal donations on top of that it was easily passed, meaning extra enhancements would be added to Project Eternity, including live recorded orchestral music and a few other layers of polish to certain parts of the the game.

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