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Rockstar wants retailers to delay shipping GTA V

In an effort to prevent people getting their hands on GTA V before it's official release date, Rockstar has asked retailers to delay shipping the game until the day before: 16th September. UK retailer GAME however, has said that while it will abide by the shipping request, it will begin processing orders much sooner, as there's simply too many to handle on one day.

In an email to customers, GAME said that: “GTA V is released on 17th September and Rockstar, who publish it, have worked very hard to make it the biggest gaming launch ever.”They have requested that no UK retailer despatch GTA V before the 16th September and GAME, along with all reputable retailers, will respect this request.”

Aww man, I wanted to play virtual tennis sooner than that 🙁

In the past, retailers wanting to make sure that customers received their pre-ordered games on release day, have sent them out two or three days before the official launch day, often resulting in some people getting a copy well before others. This is because when it comes to pre-orders, gamers will go with the company that not only gets it to them fast, but first.

Rockstar evidently wants to avoid any of this with GTA V, most likely because it doesn't want any spoilers appearing online before the official release day.

KitGuru Says: Which console have you guys got GTA V preordered for and with which retailer?

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