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Some FPS gamers have weird play styles

I imagine most of us play shooters with the keyboard in-front of us, slightly over to the left perhaps, whilst the right hand sits on top of the mouse and we're two to three feet from the screen we're staring intently at. Apparently that's not a method everone enjoys though.

This image comes from Japanese forums from a while back (hence the inclusion of so many CRT monitors), but according to Kotaku it's making the rounds again and this is the first time I've come across it.

Which one are you?

Some of these look incredibly uncomfortable and even those that don't, I can't help but see horrific RSI and carpal tunnel in the future of gamers that employ some of these styles. The Arrow Key style is one that seems more reserved for non-gamer (my old man certainly used that on Half Life back in the day) but the Inverted V or Crossed Legs, they just look like after a few hours you'll be limping when you head out of the room to get a top up of some horrificly bad for you energy drink.

KitGuru Says: So here's the question to end today off Kitguru gamers. Which post do you use? For me it's 100 per cent standard. I don't even employ the Arrow Key style with Trackmania. None of you use the Glaring or Mongolian right? 

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