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Terminator: Survivors will be PvE only

Nacon has recently revealed some exciting new information about its upcoming Terminator game, Terminator: Survivors. The game is set to hit Steam Early Access later this year, and the latest details suggest that it could be a game-changer in the world of PvE titles. Terminator: Survivors will feature a fully …

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Ubisoft’s XDefiant delayed again

While XDefiant seemed like a surprisingly good competitor for Call of Duty this year, the game has unfortunately suffered some setbacks. The game was due to release a while back but failed console certification, delaying the release by a couple of weeks. Now, the game has been delayed again, this …

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Microsoft’s new CASO tech can deliver notable laptop GPU performance improvements

On hybrid laptop designs, the term "hybrid" refers to laptops that include both integrated and discrete GPUs. These two may collaborate to increase power efficiency by routing graphics jobs to either graphics subsystem, depending on their complexity. However, on many computers, this causes an issue that Microsoft hopes to solve with CASO (Cross Adapter Scan-Out).

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Halo Infinite mod enables third-person combat

Modders are slowly but surely beginning to figure out how to make changes to Halo Infinite. The latest mod to make headlines completely shifts gameplay, enabling a third-person view of Master Chief and the Zeta Halo.  Since the beginning, Halo has been a first-person shooter franchise, while other Microsoft IP, …

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Star Citizen’s FPS module will launch in a few weeks

Cloud Imperium Games has had a fairly hectic month. Ever since announcing the delay of Star Citizen's first person shooter module, Star Marine, due to networking issues, the developer has been dealing with complaints online after many sites claimed that the game mode was ‘delayed indefinitely'. This caused quite a …

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Steam now has its own in-game FPS counter

One of the advantages of gaming on a PC – and not on either Microsoft or Sony's latest generation of consoles – is that the frame rate can often reach dizzying heights, well into the triple digits in some of the lower fidelity titles. Keeping track of that though often …

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