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Witchfire delayed to 2023 due to core experience redesign

Back during the 2017 Game Awards, a new and unique arena fighting FPS game called Witchfire was announced. The game finally received a release window a few months ago, claiming that it was intended to release by the end of the year. This is no longer the case – however it is for a potentially exciting reason.

Making the announcement on their blog, Creative director Adrian Chmielarz of studio The Astronauts said “In the blog post with the Summer game Fest trailer, we wrote: We’re aiming for Q4 2022. But we will not release, not even in Early Access, until we’re happy with what we have. You only have one chance to make a first impression and we respect your time and money.”

Chmielarz continued, “It’s only the second week of Q4 2022 but I am here early to tell you: we are not going to launch to Early Access in Q4 2022. We are now aiming for early 2023.”

Fortunately, the reason for the delay is a seemingly positive one, with Chmielarz stating: “Usually, games miss their target date simply because developers underestimate the time needed to make a good game. It’s as simple as this. While we have not 100% committed to a day, month or even a year, we can also admit we will release later than anticipated. However, in our case, the reason is different. And that reason is: we have redesigned the core experience of the game.”

Chmielarz does go into great detail regarding the many core changes being made to Witchfire, however the gist of it is as follows: combat and exploration have been upgraded from arena-style to a semi-open world, with one of the biggest changes being the removal of barriers throughout the world – making for a much more seamless gaming experience.

Witchfire is a rather unique and intriguing game and to see the developers willing to change so much so close to release is testament to the studio’s desire to make this the best game they can. The full blog post can be found HERE.

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