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ASRock introduces its Arc A700 series graphics card line-up

Now that the Intel Arc A700 series has officially launched, third-party partners like ASRock can introduce their custom solutions to the public. For now, there's only an Arc A750 model and another for the  8GB variant of the A770, but an A770 with 16GB of memory should come at a later date.

Starting with the A750 model, the ASRock A750 Challenger OC features a similar design to the company's A380 Challenger card, but instead of one fan, it has two. This model also features a black backplate with white decals and an aluminium fin-stack heatsink that extends over the PCB. This model comes clocked at 2.2GHz, a slight boost over the reference 2.05GHz value.

The ASRock A770 Phantom Gaming goes for the ‘gamer' aesthetic, featuring an RGB-illuminated triple-fan cooler (with idle fan-stop) similar to other Phantom Gaming cards. Note that the RGB lighting can be turned off manually. The heat generated is transferred to the dual fin-stack heatsink through five 6mm-thick heat pipes connected to a copper base plate on top of the GPU. Overclocked at 2.2GHz, the card comes in 100MHz higher than the stock configuration. Moreover, it's worth noting that this card will only be available with 8GB VRAM, at least for now.

The two cards are powered via two 8-pin power connectors and offer at least one HDMI 2.1 port thanks to a protocol-converter chip that turns one of the DisplayPort 2.0 interfaces into an HDMI 2.1. Both cards will be priced according to Intel's MSRP, meaning the A770 Phantom Gaming will go for $329 and the A750 Challenger OC for $289.

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KitGuru says: Are you planning on getting an Intel Arc A700 series GPU? Will you go for the Limited Edition cards, or do you prefer a third-party solution like the ones presented by ASRock?

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