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Overwatch 2 will remove loot boxes and switch to seasonal content model

While Blizzard announced that Overwatch 2 would launch in Early Access this year during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, the studio also saved a few reveals for its own stream. Last night, during a new development update stream, Blizzard announced some even bigger changes coming to Overwatch 2, including the removal of loot boxes.

With the original game, Blizzard dropped content updates somewhat randomly and relied on loot box sales for recurring revenue to support development. With Overwatch 2, Blizzard is going in another direction, introducing Seasons and of course, a battle pass to go along with it. Cosmetics will now be sold directly, similarly to Valorant, rather than requiring loot box purchases.

Each season in Overwatch 2 will last for nine weeks. Every season will add a new hero or a new map, although the game's first season will kick things off with three new heroes and six new maps. Seasonal content updates will also include new skins, challenges and game modes. As you would expect, Overwatch 2 Season 1 begins on the 4th of October, when the game releases in early access across PC and consoles.

On day-one we can expect to see three new heroes – Sojourn, Junker Queen and a secret third hero. All we know about the third upcoming hero is that they will be a support character. At some point in 2023, Overwatch 2's PvE mode will arrive and will presumably signal the game's exit from Early Access.

Before the early access launch there will be another round of public beta testing, which will include a first look at Junker Queen and the new Rio map. Sign-ups for the beta are now live, so if you want to give Overwatch 2 another go before its release in October, you'll need to sign up and wait for an invite.

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KitGuru Says: What do you all think of Overwatch 2 so far? Is the new seasonal, lootbox-less model a good change? 

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