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Final Fantasy 7 Remake finally launches on Steam

Final Fantasy 7 Remake had an awfully disappointing launch on PC in late 2021, with an overly high price tag and significant performance issues. The PC version has improved since then and now, the game is finally available on Steam. 

Many prefer to buy their PC games on Steam to keep their favourite games in one place. Now after a six-month exclusivity period, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is officially available on Valve's PC platform. Better yet, the game is also Steam Deck Compatible, so if you happen to have one of Valve's handheld gaming systems, you can get straight to playing.

One of the controversies around Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC was its £69.99 price tag. Unfortunately, the game hasn't been reduced since then, but to celebrate the Steam launch, the game will be 29% off until the 7th of July, bringing the price down to £49.69. This price is still pretty expensive, but much more palatable than a full £70.

Later this year, PC players will also be able to play through the Final Fantasy 7 prequel, Crisis Core, which is getting a remaster and a multiplatform release. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part Two has also been announced, but unfortunately that game will be a PS5 exclusive at launch.

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