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Ubisoft’s XDefiant delayed again

While XDefiant seemed like a surprisingly good competitor for Call of Duty this year, the game has unfortunately suffered some setbacks. The game was due to release a while back but failed console certification, delaying the release by a couple of weeks. Now, the game has been delayed again, this …

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Halo Infinite mod enables third-person combat

Modders are slowly but surely beginning to figure out how to make changes to Halo Infinite. The latest mod to make headlines completely shifts gameplay, enabling a third-person view of Master Chief and the Zeta Halo.  Since the beginning, Halo has been a first-person shooter franchise, while other Microsoft IP, …

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Overwatch open beta, final release dates leaked

Although you'll struggle to see it live now, a background takeover advert that appeared on IGN's website has revealed that Blizzard's upcoming, online multiplayer shooter (with a few MOBA elements) Overwatch, will have an open beta on 3rd May, with a final release on the 24th. You will have to pre-order …

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The Overwatch beta extends to Europe this month

Earlier this month, Blizzard officially announced that it would be launching the Overwatch beta, with a release date set for the 27th of October. At the time of the announcement, the beta was only scheduled to launch over in the US, cutting out the rest of the world. However, tomorrow's …

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Rainbow Six Siege pushed back to December

Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft's upcoming team based shooter was announced some time ago, with an alpha taking place earlier this year and a beta test scheduled for the end of September. The game was originally supposed to release in October but it seems the development team needs a bit more …

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Epic details more Fortnite enemies

Fortnite is the base building, zombie slaying, competitive, cooperative shooter that was showed off way back in 2012. While the idea of killing undead enemies and building a base has been done by many others at this point (Rust and Seven Days to Die, to name but a few) Epic …

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