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HAWKEN is making a comeback five years after shutting down

Long before Titanfall hit the scene, Hawken was the go-to mech shooter on PC. The game originally launched back in 2012 in beta form before rolling out as a free-to-play game on Steam in 2014. The game eventually shut down back in 2017, but it is now set to make a big comeback. 

HAWKEN is returning to Steam five years after shutting down. The IP is being revived by 505 Games and while the original version was PvP-focused, Hawken has now been transformed into a PvE shooter instead, named Hawken Reborn.

While previously Hawken was available on both PC and consoles, the new release will just be available on PC for the time being. The game has been reworked with a single-player campaign and is still “very early in its lifecycle” according to the development team. The game will be available through Steam Early Access starting on the 17th of May.

505 Games thinks Hawken will need at least 18 months for its early access development period as it puts other key foundations of the game in place. Initially, the game will have six playable campaign missions and 5 mechs to choose from, but we can expect this to grow over time as development continues.

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KitGuru Says: I played Hawken back when it was still in beta, unfortunately, it didn’t quite have the staying power for me to stick with it. Did any of you play Hawken, either back in beta or after its launch on Steam? Do you think the game's new PvE focus will be a good change? 

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