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New Gigabyte AM5 BIOS suffers from SoC Voltage issues

It seems like ASUS isn't the only one having issues with their BIOS firmware on AMD AM5 motherboards. Gigabyte is also being criticised for not fixing the SoC voltage issue on its AM5 motherboards with its latest BIOS.

After reports of exploding CPUs, AMD identified the issue and requested motherboard vendors to release a preliminary BIOS update to limit the SoC voltage to 1.3V. However, it seems that some BIOS updates fail to hit that limit, causing problems for customers.

Asus was the first to be called out for not fixing the issue and for their poor handling of the situation, which led to several problems. The motherboard vendor even had a disclaimer on the firmware page that using a beta BIOS would void the warranty, which they later removed after facing backlash from customers.

Like ASUS, Gigabyte released two BIOS firmware updates for their AM5 motherboards. Following their release, Hardware Busters ran some tests to see if Gigabyte's BIOS had the same issues as Asus', and unfortunately, the results weren't favourable. Like the Asus BIOS, the SoC voltage is not limited to 1.3, going up to 1.36V even with the latest F10D firmware installed. This is a major problem because running memory with EXPO enabled can cause permanent damage to the PC.

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KitGuru says: Hopefully all motherboard vendors can get on top of this relatively quickly, as nobody wants to deal with damaged hardware. 

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