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ASRock has also outed Intel’s 10-core 6950x Extreme Edition CPU

It looks like we are gearing up to the official announcement of Intel’s Broadwell-E series of processors as motherboard maker ASRock has confirmed the new series of chips, including the 10-core 6950x Extreme Edition CPU. We have seen some leaks here and there over the last few months, with Broadwell-E …

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ASRock BIOS update disables Non-K Skylake overclocking

Earlier this week, rumours began circulating suggesting that Intel is due to release a BIOS update in order to block BCLK overclocking on locked (non-K) Skylake processors. Now, it seems like that is what is happening as ASRock is the first motherboard maker to come out with a new BIOS …

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Rumour: Intel may block overclocking on non-K Skylake CPUs

Over the last couple of months, motherboard manufacturers have managed to tweak their BIOS updates in order to enable overclocking on Intel’s non-K series Skylake chips. Obviously, this was never officially supported by Intel and now rumour has it that the chip maker may be moving to block BCLK overclocking …

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OCUK offers R9 290 pre-flashed to 290X

Want a new GPU that performs like a 290x but without the extra price tag? Overclockers is now offering a R9 290 which it’s opened up and pre-flashed with a voltage unlocked R9 290x BIOS, upping its viable stream processors, improving its overclocking and giving you the chance to up the …

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AMD’s Radeon HD 7950 is set to receive a speed boost

With the nVidia GTX 660 Ti’s release imminent, AMD’s popular HD 7950 graphics card will soon be the recipient of a clock speed-boosting BIOS update. The update is intended to better prepare the 6 month old card for the stiff competition that it should receive from nVidia’s GeForce GTX 660 Ti. The …

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EVGA announces GTX460 performance boost – free

While nVidia cuts prices faster than an East End barber cuts hair, EVGA is focused on delivering increased value to the customers who have already spent big on the new GTX460 card. KitGuru lifts the bonnet and gives the engine a sniff. KitGuru loves the fact that graphic cards can …

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