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MSI Z790 MEG Ace Max BIOS spotted with “Beyond 6GHz+” setting

A screenshot of the BIOS of the Z790 MEG Ace Max motherboard suggests the company is adding a new 6GHz+ auto-overclock setting, allowing users to easily achieve higher speeds at the click of a button. 

MSI's Z790 MAX series revamp provides several upgrades to design and connections, including WiFi 7 support. However, it seems the BIOS of the new motherboard will also come with new features to make overclocking more accessible.

As seen in the screenshot shared by chj11eddog, MSI is committed to making overclocking easier for the impending 14th-gen Core “Raptor Lake Refresh” CPUs. While this new functionality may be limited to the enthusiast-level Z790 MEG Ace Max motherboard, it demonstrates the platform's potential.

The Core i9-14900K/KF will provide a 6.0GHz clock speed through Thermal Velocity Boost technology. However, enthusiasts may expect a higher overclocking potential, with brands like MSI claiming that they can reach 6.3GHz with easy 1-click settings.

The Intel Raptor Lake Refresh will be available in October, whereas MSI Z790 MAX motherboards should be available soon. It is worth noting that the Z790 MEG Ace Max model will cost $699.

KitGuru says: Do you think other MSI motherboards will also come with this feature? What CPUs should MSI's “P-Core Beyond 6GHz+” support?

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