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Dan Cases and Lian Li team up to launch new C4-SFX case

Dan Cases has announced the launch of its new C4-SFX, a new case designed for small form factor enthusiasts and gamers who want a high-end PC experience in a compact form factor. This elegant enclosure developed in collaboration with Lian Li focuses on solid cooling and high-end hardware compatibility while being as small as possible.

The case features a heavily optimised classic hardware layout, supporting many components despite its reduced dimensions. With nearly no hardware limitations, the C4-SFX is a perfect match for developers who require a case with a smaller footprint due to limited desk space.

The C4-SFX V1 case allows for 145mm tower heatsinks with a 120mm fan, such as the Noctua D12L, or big top blow heatsinks like the Noctua C14S. It is possible to mount the power supply with a 90° rotation for these configurations. The radiator bracket allows installing 120, 140, 240, or 280mm radiators with 25mm thick fans. There are also 2 x 120/140mm fan mounts on the top and 2 x 120/140mm mounts at the side, and space for an 80 or 92mm at the rear. Additionally, the case can accommodate 3.5-slot GPUs with a length of up to 336mm or 3.9-slot GPUs with a length of 334mm. Motherboard compatibility includes Mini-ITX, DTX, Deep-ITX, and short 3-slot mATX form factors. As for PSUs, only SFX and SFX-L form factors are supported.

Regarding storage, two 2.5″ HDDs or SSDs can be mounted at the front of the case. The drives are mounted with rubber spacers to reduce vibration and noise. The case also comes with special airflow brackets and an RTX 40-series blow-through air tunnel to force hot GPU air out of the case, resulting in much better CPU temperatures.

The C4-SFX v1 case is built with an all-aluminium body manufactured by Lian Li in Taiwan. Measuring 253 (H) x 166 (W) x 350.2 mm (D) with a volume of 14.7 L, the case weighs 3.7 Kg. The C4-SFX v1 case will be available later today with an MSRP of €205. The case will be available through various resellers worldwide, including Overclockers UK.

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