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Computex 2024: Nvidia is making an AI-powered digital assistant for gamers

Nvidia has kicked off Computex today with its latest keynote. This year, the company is tripling down on AI. For starters, Nvidia has revealed Project G-Assist, a new feature that will bring AI game guide assistants to supported games. Beyond that, RTX Remix is going open source, enabling developers to take the technology and work on it however they see fit. 

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Dan Cases and Lian Li team up to launch new C4-SFX case

Dan Cases has announced the launch of its new C4-SFX, a new case designed for small form factor enthusiasts and gamers who want a high-end PC experience in a compact form factor. This elegant enclosure developed in collaboration with Lian Li focuses on solid cooling and high-end hardware compatibility while …

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Xiaomi to get into the mini-PC market with two systems

Xiaomi has been in the PC market for a long time now, selling laptops, peripherals and monitors, but the company hasn't yet released a desktop. That will soon change, with Xiaomi preparing to launch a new small form factor PC.  According to Wccftech, Xiaomi was planning to announce two systems …

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FSP launches FlexGURU super-slim PSUs

At Computex a couple of months ago, we had the opportunity to catch up with FSP and see what they’ve got coming up for the rest of 2019. In June, we saw the first batch of new power supplies release and now to wrap up August, FSP is launching the …

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Gamers attracted to smaller chassis says Cooler Master

While they are famous for huge chassis like the Cosmos II and Storm Trooper etc, KitGuru learned up at Multiplay i53 that there is a definite increase in interest around small form factor chassis among gamers. Chris Gough explains the draw. While Chris didn't actually say that Cooler Master is selling …

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Thermaltake Core V1 at Multiplay i53

Small Form Factor fever seemed to spread through the halls at Multiplay's Insomnia i53. We all remember the ‘time of the Shuttles' – around 10 years ago – but the problem was that the specifications were very weak. Now that does not have to be the case. Also, prices have …

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