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The Xbox Series X/S has surpassed 2 million sales in the UK

The Xbox Series X|S has been selling pretty well in the UK. Since its launch 128 weeks ago, customers have bought over two million consoles (combining both models), making it the eighth fastest-selling console in the region.

The data comes from the analysts at GfK (via gamesindsutry.biz), who also added that the two consoles had generated a cumulative revenue of £696 million. In eighth place, the Xbox Series X|S reached the 2 million milestone faster than the original Xbox (162 weeks) and the Nintendo Switch (140 weeks). At the top of this chart, you'll see the Nintendo Wii, which hit 2 million sales in only 57 weeks. The rival PS5 console is in fourth place with 98 weeks to reach the two million sales figure.

The table below includes the top 10 fastest-selling consoles to reach 2 million sales in the UK based on GfK data:

Position Platform Release Year Launch Price Weeks to 2m Revenue at 2m
1 Nintendo Wii 2006 £180 57 £358m
2 PS2 2000 £299 60 £469m
3 PS4 2013 £375 75 £700m
4 PS5 2020 £425 98 £919m
4 PS3 2007 £420 98 £638m
5 Xbox One 2013 £450 104 £726m
6 Xbox 360 2005 £254 110 £507m
7 PlayStation 1 1995 £299 114 £179m
8 Xbox Series S and X 2020 £386 128 £696m
9 Nintendo Switch 2017 £285 140 £279m
10 Xbox 2002 £295 162 £280m

If not for the chip shortage that affected the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S during 2021 and 2022, the milestone could have been reached at a quicker pace for both Sony and Microsoft.

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KitGuru says: With the PS5 being faster than the Xbox Series X|S to reach the milestone, one could argue that Sony's console is winning the race in the UK. However, the winner is only determined at the finish line. During the Wii/PS3/Xbox 360 era, the Wii was the fastest-selling console in the region, but in the end, the Xbox 360 sold slightly more units than Nintendo's console.

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