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Magic FPS Immortals of Aveum goes Gold

Immortals of Aveum is a magic-based first person shooter set “in an original fantasy universe engulfed in magic, rife with conflict, and on the verge of oblivion”. Developed by Ascendant Studios, the game represents the team’s debut title. As such, it is exciting to see that the title has now gone Gold ahead of its 22nd of August release date.

Making the announcement via a YouTube video, the team at Ascendant Studios said “Immortals of Aveum has officially gone gold! Ascendant Studios first game is ready, and release is imminent! Join our team as we celebrate this milestone, and reveal what made this journey so special and fun!”

For the uninitiated, ‘Going Gold’ means that the Immortals of Aveum Master disc has been submitted to the game’s publisher EA. Following the submission of the gold master, discs can be pressed with finalised software and digital storefronts can upload the ‘final’ version of the game ready for release. It’s a process that every game in development goes through, and means that (aside from post-launch patches) Immortals of Aveum is complete and ready to play.

Being the first game from a brand new studio, it is encouraging to see that development has seemingly gone smoothly – even if Immortals of Aveum has only gone Gold with less than two weeks to spare.

All that said, Ascendant Studios is primarily formed of ex-Call of Duty and Dead space developers, meaning this is nowhere near their first rodeo. Hopefully the studio is able to strike ‘gold’ with its very first title. We won’t have to wait long to find out.

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