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Sony offering PlayStation scholarships

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has teamed up with Birmingham City University to offer students there the chance to win an academic scholarship that will lead to them having half of their fees paid to attend Gamer Camp Pro – a master’s degree programme with gaming as its focus – as well as offering them a six month paid placement at one of Sony’s UK development studios.

“We are delighted to offer PlayStation Academic Scholarships in partnership with Gamer Camp: Pro for the second year running.” said SCEE’s Dr. Maria Stukoff.

“Its a great opportunity for the next generation of British videogame talent to acquire professional development skills before they embark into a competitive industry.”

Gamer Camp Pro
So, she's marrying games? Is that the metaphor?

To be in with a chance to win one of the four coveted places, students need to be signed up to Gamer Camp – the cheaper Nano programme will suffice – by 9th August and they’ll be automatically entered. However, prospective winners will be chosen through an interview process once the initial pool of potentials has been decided.

“Having an active and influential partner in Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is a massive benefit to the Gamer Camp programme,” says Gamer Camp co- founder Guy Wilday.

“Access to Sony development hardware, experienced industry support and these PlayStation Academic Scholarships provides Gamer Camp students with an unparalleled educational opportunity.”

KitGuru Says: Are you a post graduate that has any experience of Gamer Camp? Will you be attending this year? Let us know.

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