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Summer Games Done Quick 2016 now blitzing all titles

If you enjoy watching gamers run through enemies you would have spent minutes fighting, clipping through walls to avoid puzzles and generally blitzing through games that were meant to take hours to complete, then check out Summer Games Done Quick. The bi-annual charity event is now in session and it will be playing games all week.

Games Done Quick is a twice yearly gaming event which looks to stream some of the fastest players in the world, beating games quicker than you might ever have thought possible. Whether you think that sounds fun to watch or not though, it's all in the aid of charity, with fans watching the stream encouraged to donate and a bunch of sponsors getting behind the event.

Donations from viewers, those wanting streamers to complete specific challenges, or merely bidding off against one another, will all go to Doctors Without Borders. At the time of writing the donation total sits at $98,805.04, with the maximum donation of $2,000 and the average around $30.

If you dive in and view the stream right now, CavemanDCJ is taking on The Rapid Angel, hoping to beat a time of 24 minutes for a full completion. So far he seems on point, beating out most of the game's enemies in mere seconds and running past the rest as if he's playing Colonial Marines.

Summer Games Done Quick 2016 will run through until this Friday, 9th July, with everything from Tony Hawk, to Megaman, Oddworld, Bomberman and Pokemon being played throughout the next few days.

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KitGuru Says: Are there any particular speedruns or game play that you want to see during this event?

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