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The Gallery trailer shows it could be the prettiest VR game yet

Virtual reality is awe inspiring when you first step inside a virtual world – especially when you can walk around and interact with it using your real hands. But many of the experiences we've seen so far have come from smaller developers and indie teams, who haven't had years to work on a beautiful, narrative driven adventure. Cloudhead games has though and The Gallery is the fruits of its labour.

Set for release alongside that of HTC's Vive headset, The Gallery: Call of the Starseed (to use its full name) is an explorative, deep storied game with stunning visuals that utilises what's known as the “blink” mechanic to allow teleportation around scenes, letting you jump closer to what you want to view, as well as walk around it in your room-scale space.

The launch trailer gives us out best look yet at all of these features:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiY7mm3JNx8′]

There's more than just environments to wonder at though, there's puzzles to solve, enemies to avoid and humour to enjoy – making this sound from reviewer comments like VR's first forray into Portal-like territory.

That said, Portal has come to VR in the form of Portal Stories: VR (Mel) as well as The Lab's various experiments.

The Gallery though looks like one of the first deep, story driven virtual reality games that could suck up hours of our time. While there are certainly plenty of long-form experiences coming to the Vive and VR in general in the next few weeks, this is one we're particularly excited for.

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KitGuru Says: I like the use of multiple enclosed environments with The Gallery. It gives it almost a point and click feel.

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