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Transport Tycoon is coming to mobile and Chris Sawyer is behind it

Listen up fellow commodity transporters. Put down your track tools for a second, this is big news. Chris Sawyer, the man behind the original beloved classic that was Transport Tycoon (and Deluxe) has announced that he's working on an upcoming mobile remake of the game and it's coming in just two weeks time: 3rd October.

This marks big news for not only TTD fans, but for Chris Sawyer himself, who hasn't been involved with the public release of a game since 2004's not-too-well received Locomotion. Now though he's back and working with indie studio Origin8 to bring us all a modern version of Transport Tycoon, complete with controls designed with touch screens in mind.

[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMcqnNHueHc']

Aesthetically, the game has had a big upgrade too, as you might expect – the hardware powering our smartphones and tablets is far beyond what any CPU could handle back in 1994. However the traditional look of the game remains and it seems to have kept that charm that was found in that isometric, grid view of the world.

Information is also being displayed in big bubbles instead of through many menus and sub-screens, something that could get a bit complicated even on a giant PC monitor.

The big question for me however, is have any of the features of brilliant open source remake, Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe, been implemented? Things like multiplayer or more advanced AI?

KitGuru Says: The best part about the news of the new TT though, is that it's just two weeks away. It's almost worth buying a nice tablet for. For those not wanting to wait, there is a version of OTTD on Android, but the menu system isn't quite as mobile orientated as Chris Sawyer's new version. 

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