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Ubisoft and Nvidia strike game bundle deal

Nvidia and Ubisoft have announced a new partnership, bringing together the GPU and publishing giants in order to incorporate new Nvidia graphics technology in certain titles and in turn bundle upcoming and recently released games with the latest range of graphics cards.

According to both companies, this partnership has allowed them to bring temporal anti-aliasing (TXAA) into upcoming games like Watchdogs and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – which according to Nvidia, is a lot better than other types of AA, as it combines MPAA with post processes, and NVIDIA-designed temporal filters. There’s also been the addition of horizon based ambient occlusion, but that’s been around for years and could be found in Arkham Asylum. What might be a bit more interesting though is the inclusion of advanced tessellation features through DX11.

Quick SAM! Add more green glowy things to your “stealth” suit. 

In return for this tech, Nvidia graphics cards from the 6 and 7 series range will have a Splinter Cell: Blacklist special pack, giving those that buy any GTX: 660, 660 Ti, 670, 680, 760, 770 or 780, a free copy.

“PC gaming is stronger than ever and Ubisoft understands that PC gamers demand a truly elite experience – the best resolutions, the smoothest frame rates and the latest gaming breakthroughs,” said Tony Tamasi, senior vice president of Content and Technology at NVIDIA. “We’ve worked closely with Ubisoft’s incredibly talented creative team throughout the development process to incorporate our technologies and deliver the most immersive and visually spectacular game worlds imaginable.”

KitGuru Says: Anyone in the market for a new GPU? If you were going to buy the new Splinter Cell anyway, the timing couldn’t be better. 

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