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What do you want to see in the Just Cause 3 collector’s edition?

Although expensive, collector's editions are a nice way to show a little more support to developers that you are a fan of, or to commemorate the launch of a game that you've hotly anticipated for some time. They can come with all manner of weird and wonderful additions, most commonly fancier cases, artbooks or maps and figures of key characters. The people over at Avalanche clearly can't decide on what to bundle with Just Cause 3 though, as they're asking the community what they want to see.

What about an explosive fireball? Can we get a few of those?

To help people decide and to reduce the number of suggestions involving genitalia, the developers have put forward a list of 12 possible options, three of which will be included in the final bundle. Which ones, are down to you.

  • Mini art book
  • destructible general statue/puzzle
  • Diecast vehicles
  • A map of Medici
  • Grappling hook replica
  • Backpack
  • Remote control helicopter
  • Diorama of Rico Rodriguez jumping through fire
  • Diorama of Rico Rodriguez riding a jumping car
  • Diorama of Rico Rodriguez grappling hooked on to a jet
  • A nine inch Rico Rodriguez statue with magnetic feet
  • Steelbook case

Fortunately, unlike the islands that Rico has liberated over the years, your vote when cast on the official page, won't be influenced by the presence of the local militia or state sponsored military. You will only get the three votes though, that's everyone's maximum.

KitGuru Says: What are you guys most interested in? I'd be tempted by the statue with magnetic feet. Imagine all the hilarity with him climbing up your fridge, up the radiator. Ah, good times. [Thanks PCG]

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