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Where in the world are you, in Google Maps?

This is the basic premise for web-game, GeoGuessr, which sees you trying to figure out where in the world you are, based solely on what you can see on a Google Maps streetview screen. Of course you know where you actually are, but where is your virtual counterpart? That strange person that sees everyone’s face as a blurry mess and can only move in giant steps, despite only being about 8ft from the ground.

This game works by loading up a random location on Google Streetview and simply by looking at what’s around you, running/driving down the roads and pathways, you need to figure out exactly where you are. When you think you have an idea, using the world map to the side, you make a guess. Depending on how close you are, you get a score. Over five rounds of this, your score is tallied up and at the end, you can compare it to your previous attempts at finding yourself, or share the results with your friends.

This has gotta be a clue. If only I knew my asian cosmetic brand stores. 

As Eurogamer reports, the creator of the game, Anton Wallén, is working on a competitive mode, which will see people dropped of in the same areas and they can then compete to see how fast and how accurate they are at identifying their location.

KitGuru Says: This is a bit of an odd game, but quite cool. Look out for road signs, they’re a handy giveaway. As are makes of cars if you can find one. My last location was in the middle of Norway. I was only about 200 miles off in the end. Not bad. 

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