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Who wants cheap games?

Hey man, you looking for some cheap games? You are? That's good man, that's real good. You come to the right place, or at least, you will have once you head over to Green Man Gaming, which for the next day or so, is offering all of its previous 666 Sale games, at a reduced price once again.

And that's a lot…

That's a lot of games too. Do any of these tickle your fancy?

  • Killing Floor –  £3.74
  • Resident Evil 6 –  £9.99
  • Borderlands 2 + Season Pass – £9.99
  • Alan Wake – £4.59
  • Aliens Colonial Marines + Season Pass – £12.49
  • EVE Starter Pack – £2.99
  • Defiance – £9.99
  • Chivalry – Medieval Warfare
  • Total War: Grand Master Collection – £29.99
  • The Cave – £2.99
  • Walking Dead Season 1 – £7.13
  • XCOM Enemy Unknown Pack – £9.79

The list goes on and on. Really, check out the Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and all the other deals. I know you're all probably saving up for the incoming Steam Sale, but if there's a few quid left spare, there's some good deals to be had here.

KitGuru Says:  I just grabbed the Cave. Not the most stellar of Double Fine's efforts, but apparently good to play with the Mrs so I'll give that a try later today. It's hot as hell, what am I going to do, go outside? I think not. 

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