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iPad 5 on track for September release

The new Apple iPad is coming in Q3 this year according to reports online. The last time Apple updated the tablet was in November last year, although it was a minor update to the main update almost 16 months ago. The 5th generation iPad will be a big revenue source for Apple when it hits their stores.

Digitimes have said that Apple plan on releasing the 5th gen iPad in September adding that pilot production orders are going smoothly.

“Although suppliers have not yet received a firm mass production schedule from Apple and are mainly shipping products for pilot production, the sources pointed out that pilot production is already able to satisfy demand for the initial launch. Therefore, the sources expect Apple to give its shipment estimates at the end of July or early August.”

The 9.7 inch iPad 5 is said to look like a larger version of the iPad Mini, with narrower bezels around the panel. The new tablet will only use a single LED light bar, down from two used in the current model. Subsequently battery life should get a boost. Sources indicate that the iPad will be lighter and thinner than the current version, which is good, as the current iPad is a little porky compared to models from Samsung.

Digitimes also say that the new iPad Mini might not be released as the same time as its big brother. They also hint that the iPad Mini released in 2013 may not sport a retina display. A delay until Q4 is possible.

Kitguru says: Again, this information is not confirmed and Apple have yet to announce any release dates, so we would take this information with a pinch of salt.

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