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World of Tanks gives League of Legends a run for its money

In terms of popularity at least.

We've heard before how League of Legends has amassed 30 million + active players per month and over a billion hours of play time during that same period. While World of Tanks can't boast quite as much, it's certainly catching up.

In a new infographic released by developer Wargaming, it shows some of the insane stats that come about when you have as many players as World of Tanks does. With 45,000,000 in total, the game has a consistent 600,000+ battling each other at one time. This has amounted to over two billion hours of game play – as much as all Halo games put together – which is the equivalent of one player fighting for 230,000 years.

With that much conflict going on, it's not surprising that over 13 billion tanks have been wrecked and 140 billion shells fired.

Social network stats are also bandied around, with over half a million Facebook likes and 60,000 Twitter followers – the latter number doesn't seem that impressive but hey, up against multiple billions, not much else does.

Here's the graphic in all its ridiculously long glory:

World of Tanks
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KitGuru Says: Impressive stuff. Riot better watch out as Wargaming is hot on its heels.

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