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WoW Mobile Auction House still down

Update: Blizzard has now released a further statement, updating the situation: “The Mobile Auction House is still in maintenance mode. We're working to restore full service as soon as possible. #WoW #BlizzCS”

World of Warcraft's Mobile Auction House, the smartphone tool that lets residents of Azeroth check out stats from their character, buy gear or experiment with new talent tree setups, has been down for the past couple of days, after a supposed security breach was found in the software.

On Saturday players from both US and EU servers were reporting that masses of gold was missing from their accounts,  with a couple of junk items to replace it. Many of these players even had the added security of an authenticator and it didn't seem to be making much difference.

In the wake of this news, Blizzard announced the temporary closure of the Mobile Auction House while it finds and fixes the bug, but since then we've heard nothing from the publishing giant.

“They stole my cape of the mongoose?!”

Fortunately, those that have been affected by the digital break in have mostly seen their items and gold returned to them, so make sure you send in a support ticket if you find yourself out of pocket. It's doing it fast too, as one user on the forums points out:

“I personally commend Blizzard for shutting the Remote AH down in pretty quick time in order to prevent further infringements. I submitted a ticket to get my gold back and received a response to the ticket in under 12 hours, which was great. All my gold was restored and I came out with 2 white items, so thank you Blizzard.”

KitGuru Says: Have any of you found yourself with some junk items and a lot of missing gold?

[Thanks Joystiq]

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