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PewDiePie will guest star on South Park tomorrow night

South Park has been tackling gaming a lot this season, we've had an episode on the Oculus Rift, another on free to play mobile games and now the trend is continuing, with a new episode focusing on YouTube game commentary, featuring the most popular gamer on YouTube, PewDiePie. The episode …

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Console South Park to be censored in Europe

If you were planning on picking up the expectedly raunchy South Park: Stick of Truth on either the Xbox 360 or PS3, you might want to reconsider a PC purchase, since the console versions of the game are being censored in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with key scenes …

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WoW Mobile Auction House still down

Update: Blizzard has now released a further statement, updating the situation: “The Mobile Auction House is still in maintenance mode. We're working to restore full service as soon as possible. #WoW #BlizzCS” World of Warcraft's Mobile Auction House, the smartphone tool that lets residents of Azeroth check out stats from …

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THQ sale rumours suggest Sega, Ubisoft and Koch Media


Update: Interestingly, South Park Studios, the company behind the hit TV show has said that it isn't keen on THQ selling off its IP. In-fact, it claims that within its contract with THQ there is a stipulation that should it be breached, South Park Studios has the right to acquire …

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EA could buy up THQ

Stick of Truth

While it isn't the only mega corporation vying for the rights to some of THQ's hottest properties, EA Games is in the running for some of the beleaguered publisher's games and franchises, when the auction takes place in the next couple of weeks. Cash dry THQ was hoping to secure …

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Kitguru Gaming – Weekly Round Up

For those tech readers who don't always get time to check out our game related content at Kitguru gaming – here is a round up of content published in the last week. “What Happened at Tonight's Video Game Awards?!” KitGuru followed the Video Game Awards closely as the night unfolded. …

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