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South Park The Stick of Truth gets a release date

South Park, one of the most popular and often controversial cartoons around, has had a game in development for a while and now we finally know when we will get to play it. Look for it December, but while we wait, it's worth noting it's somewhat troubled history.

The Stick of Truth is an RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment, who are no strangers to the genre, having developed both Fallout: New Vegas and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2. The game is going to stay true to the 2D animation style that South Park is famous for and will be published by Ubisoft, who bought the rights after the previous publisher, THQ, went bankrupt.

The collapse of THQ caused the release date to be pushed back until the holiday season of 2013, but that vague time window has now been narrowed down to 10th December for the US and 12th December for Europe. A special edition was also announced.

The Grand Wizard Edition will include:

  • 6 inch Cartman Grand Wizard figure
  • Kingdom of South park map
  • Ultimate Fellowship pack

There is no word on UK pricing for the Grand Wizard edition as of yet. However, it has been confirmed that the special edition will be exclusive to Amazon and Uplay. In the US it will cost $79.99.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaaV29_Gq-g']

If you just want to buy the game, it's priced at £39.99 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 while on the PC it's going to cost £29.99.

KitGuru Says: Being a fan of South Park myself I am excited for this game to finally release. Obsidian Entertainment, have a good reputation with the RPG genre, having already developed two of my favourite games, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. Will you be picking up the Stick of Truth?

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