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Internet Explorer 9 beta, over 20 million downloads

Microsoft have issued download statistics for Internet Explorer 9 beta. A staggering 20 million+ downloads in three and a half months.

This figure is a record breaker for a Microsoft beta release according to the companies blog posting recently. The beta launched on September the 15th and now accounts for 4.6 percent of all Internet traffic worldwide, according to Net Applications statistics.

Roger Capriotti, director of IE product marketing said that Microsoft have released seven Platform Previews of the browser engines, so developers can test their code. The latest actually achieved the fastest results on the Webkit Open Source Project’s Sunspider JavaScript Benchmark. WebKit is the rendering engine used by Safari and Chrome.

Many sites have coded IE9 experiences which use some of the softwares unique abilities, such as Windows 7 jump lists and notifications. Microsoft have also been receiving a lot of critical praise for their new Tracking Protection feature to give users control over which Web Sites can monitor their browsing activities.

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