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Planet Michael online virtual world – release date 2011

Planet Michael, an online virtual world devoted to the memory of the late Michael Jackson is going to be released next year in the attempt to give the general public an interest in the MMO genre. People who would find World Of Warcraft intimidating.

“There will be a whole restructuring of that kind of experience and it will be much easier to understand because we are talking about a mass audience now,” says Martin Biallas, president/CEE of SEE Virtual Worlds and founder of its parent company Special Entertainment Events (SEE). Planet Michael will offer games, communication, music and charity. “Michael was all about ‘heal the world' and making the world better. So we are trying to create something that, in the real world, humans could never create.”

KitGuru is not sure whether fans of the singer would want to go online and hang out in a virtual world, but he does have a rather intense fan base.

KitGuru says: Is this in genuine good taste or just a cheap cash in ?

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