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BlackBerry Blackpad release date imminent

Apple are not only facing stiff competition from Samsung with their new 7 inch Galaxy handheld computer because BlackBerry are due to release their new ‘BlackPad’, possibly within the next few weeks.

The Blackpad is rumoured to be based around a 7 inch touchscreen and will have at least one camera onboard. In a surprise move the device will not use the BlackBerry OS, but instead run on QNX software.

BlackBerry BlackPad - set to challenge Apple

Research In Motion (RIM) are one of the world’s leading phone makers and they really want to get a slice of the tablet market from Apple, especially as the iPad is being seen in business circles more and more – a key area that Blackberry always target. Many executives are finding the iPad valuable for storing data, giving presentations and for ultimate portability. We have reports that many insurance firms are using the iPad for face to face client presentations.

KitGuru says: With industry leading Blackberry email support, we are quite positive that this will be a huge success, if the product is as good as we are hearing in early reports.

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