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20GB patch brings justice system to ESO

The Elder Scrolls Online just received its biggest patch yet, measuring in at 20GB. Patch six prepares the game for its upcoming change in business model and also adds in a few new systems, including the long-awaited Justice system.

The gameplay has been rebalanced to the extent that all skill points are being reset. on top of that, the new justice system will allow players to commit criminal actions like murder of theft. If caught, you will become a wanted person.


[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StpLSGsCFFk’]

Like in the main Elder Scrolls games, you will be able to bribe your way out of trouble and run off with the stolen goods. On the other side, the game’s new Champion system awards champion points, which can be spent on new passive abilities.

There will also be changes made to the game’s tutorial, the collections system and there is a whole load of game fixes as well.

Most importantly is the set up for the upcoming change in business model, as a result, the crown store will be in the game, although it won’t be enabled until the 17th of March when Tamriel Unlimited officially launches on the PC and Mac.

After the 17th of March, you will no longer need a subscription in order to play The Elder Scrolls Online, although one will be offered and will give you certain perks each month, like DLC and crowns to spend at the store.

You can read the full patch notes, HERE.

KitGuru Says: This is the most important update for The Elder Scrolls Online so far and could really revamp the game and bring some players back, or even bring some new players in. From the sounds of it, the game is going to be fairly different from this point forward. Are any of you guys planning on giving TESO another shot once it drops its subscription in a couple of weeks? 

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