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A remake of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune might be on the way

Sony has fully embraced the idea of remasters and remakes this generation. Two of the PS5's launch titles were both re-releases, with one being Demon Souls and the other being Spider-Man Remastered. Since then, Sony has gone on to re-release both The Last of Us games in remastered form and is on track to release a remake of Until Dawn this year. Now, it would seem that Sony is looking to give Uncharted the same treatment. 

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the game that kicked off Naughty Dog's transition into more mature games, is being eyed up for a remake. According to Nick Baker, there have been private leaks that suggest that Sony is considering an Uncharted remake, rebuilding the original game from the ground up.

Unfortunately, the ‘evidence' Baker claims to have seen is also several years old, so that is a big caveat. It is possible that the project never went into production, or that the idea was scrapped somewhere along the way. However, given that we're not going to see a new Naughty Dog game for several years, an Uncharted Remake could help plug the gap.

An Uncharted Remake would also give Sony an opportunity to sell the game to a new audience. Uncharted 4 was remastered for PS5 and PC in 2022, but many PC gamers avoided the game due to the fact that the original trilogy was not available. A set of Uncharted remakes/remasters would fix that problem and introduce the full series to a new wave of fans.

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KitGuru Says: Uncharted was great for its time but the original game does feel very dated at this point. Unlike The Last of Us, which already had a perfectly good remaster available, an Uncharted revisit makes plenty of sense. 

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