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Activision Blizzard CEO will ‘consider leaving’ if on-going issues can’t be ‘quickly fixed’

Activision Blizzard continues to make headlines this week, as sources have claimed that CEO, Bobby Kotick, may be willing to resign if current on-going issues at the studio can't be quickly fixed. 

Calls for Kotick to step down have grown louder in recent weeks, after a report from The Wall Street Journal claimed that Kotick had known about harassment issues at Activision's studios for years and in at least one instance, covered up complaints to avoid having to let go of an executive working on the Call of Duty franchise.

Following this, executives from PlayStation and Xbox voiced concerns over what's happening at Activision Blizzard. Xbox in particular is “re-evaluating” its relationship with the company in the wake of the news. A growing number of employees at Activision Blizzard have also voiced a lack of confidence in Kotick's leadership and have signed a petition for him to resign.

Following on from last week's bombshells, sources speaking with WSJ have claimed that Kotick will “consider leaving the company if he can't quickly fix the culture problems” present at Activision Blizzard. Online commenters were quick to point out that he appears to have been a core part of the problem in the first place.

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KitGuru Says: Kotick has not been directly quoted as saying this, but it seems that him stepping down has come up in conversations amongst executives. Whether or not Kotick does leave Activision behind still remains to be seen. 

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