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Amazon is working on New World regional server transfers

This week, New World's 1.0.3 update is rolling out and with it, server transfers are starting to go live for players across the world. While Amazon did walk back on promises of cross-region server transfers, it would seem that after evaluating player feedback, the development team is looking into delivering that feature once again. 

When New World first launched, servers were heavily over populated, leading to long server queues and wait times for players. Additional servers were added to help ease this, but it does mean that some friend groups ended up being split across different servers and in some cases, different regions. Some early players invested a lot of hours into a character on a different regional server with the expectation that they would be able to transfer to their region of choice later and join their friends.

Cross-region server transfers are not in the game now, but standard server transfers are, so players can swap between servers within their selected region. There is some hope for players looking to transfer a character across regions though.

In an update on the New World forum, Amazon says “there is potential” for regional transfers in the future and the developers “are working on it now”. There is no ETA on this just yet, but Amazon says that since it “created confusion” over transfers, it “owed it to the community to find a solution”.

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KitGuru Says: Did any of you start your New World character on a server with the intention of transferring later? Will you be waiting for another update on regional transfers before moving your character? 

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