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Amazon’s Lumberyard game engine is going open source

It has been years since Amazon first debuted its game engine ‘Lumberyard' but we may finally start to see more games utilising it in the years to come. This week, Amazon made its engine open source, rebranding it as the Open 3D Engine. 

Writing about the transition to open source, Amazon said: “As we began building the successor to Lumberyard, we realized we could do more. If the ultimate goal is innovation, we want to enable the game and simulation developer community to work side by side with us, in an open community, so they could access the technology as well as contribute to it and grow it.”

In the video above you can see a small character animation demo, giving us a small look at what developers will be able to do with this early version of the engine.

As reported by Venturebeat, the Linux Foundation will oversee the Open 3D Engine project and form the Open 3D Foundation to help push developer collaboration to improve the technology even further.

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KitGuru Says: Lumberyard was already a royalty-free engine, but now with the Open 3D Engine, everything will be truly open source as well. 

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