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Amazon’s New World launches to over 500,000 concurrent players

After years of testing, major development changes and delays, Amazon's ambitious MMO, New World, has officially released. The game is available as of today and it already appears to be a hit, with over 550,000 concurrent players on Steam today – a number that continues to rise. 

This morning shortly after the first servers went live, New World shot up to around 250,000 concurrent players on Steam. As the day has gone on, more servers have come online and more players have flocked to the game. At the time of writing, the peak concurrent player count sits at 563,725, but the player count is continuing to climb, so it may well be even higher by the time you read this.

With this huge number of players, New World is off to a great start, but the question is, can Amazon Game Studios keep players coming back over the coming months and years?

Currently, New World has a mixed overall review rating on Steam and there have been some issues with lengthy wait times to log in due to the surge in players. As more servers go live, the situation should improve.

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KitGuru Says: New World has finally arrived. Have any of you logged on to play today at launch? How has your experience been?  

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