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Anthem is now available on EA Access and Origin Access Basic

Just over six months on from launch, Bioware's troubled ‘live service' shooter, Anthem, is joining EA Access and Origin Access Basic. Previously, Anthem could be played on PC via EA's more expensive Origin Access Premier subscription but with the move down to the cheaper plan, the game should be more accessible to those who have yet to try it out.

Origin Access Basic is available on PC while EA Access is available on Xbox One and PS4. All three platforms have the same standard subscription price of £3.99 per month or £19.99 per year, making it a pretty cheap way to catch up on any major games that might have released earlier in the year.

Anthem now joins the likes of the Mass Effect series, Dead Space, Battlefield V, FIFA 19, The Sims 4 and more. Speaking of Anthem, the game did have a small resurgence recently thanks to the first Cataclysm event, which ended up being fairly well received. However, the game's future roadmap is still a bit of a mystery, so we aren't sure what will be coming next, or how much effort EA will be putting into supporting it for the long haul.

KitGuru Says: I'm a little surprised that this change wasn't made earlier, after all, Anthem certainly needed a player base boost from April onward. Do many of you already have Origin Access or EA Access? Will you be giving Anthem a go now that it has joined the library? 

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