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Apple reportedly poaching Xbox engineers to build a console

Apple has always had a minor interest in gaming, and even tried its hand at creating a console once before. Now, it seems Apple may be trying its hand at gaming hardware once again, as Apple has apparently begun poaching Xbox engineers.

During the Xbox Two podcast last week, games journalist Jez Corden shared some recent rumours he;’s been hearing. According to Corden, Apple “has been poaching Xbox engineers” for a while now with the goal of building a console.

Apple has not announced any plans to make a bespoke gaming console, but the company has recently been ramping up its AR/VR development and has continued making deals for its subscription service, Apple Arcade.

Corden isn’t “sure if it will come to fruition” and we haven’t had any other leaks or rumours regarding an Apple games console at this time, but if there is truth to this then we should hear more in the coming months.

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KitGuru Says: Apple found a pretty massive market for mobile games, but when it comes to consoles and high-end gaming, the company has very little experience. With that in mind, any kind of dedicated games hardware would be surprising to see from Apple.

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