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ARK: Survival Evolved now has modding tools

Studio Wildcard, the team behind the most recent early access survival game success story, ARK: Survival Evolved, has just released modding tools for the game. Since ARK runs on Unreal Engine 4, the developer teamed up with Epic Games to create mod support and tools for the community currently playing the game.

This means we will see custom content popping up for the game pretty early on as it has only been out for around one month. The title also has Steam Workshop support, which will make installing mods easier for those who don't like messing around with files in the game directory.


ARK: Survival Evolved has blown up over the last few weeks and has had a huge presence on both Twitch and YouTube, which adds to the amount of hype surrounding this game. It has already sold one million copies at around $29.99/£19 each so it has already become a pretty huge success despite not being finished yet.

It's essentially a survival game with RPG elements in the form of an upgrade tree and stat boosters. Players are put in this big open world inhabited by dinosaurs and they have to learn their way around, build bases, harvest food and you can also tame the dinosaurs you find. You can also start up tribes, which will allow you to find your friends easier. You will also be able to spawn at Tribe owned locations with a bed in place, which can be pretty useful.

If you happen to be a modder yourself, you can find all of the details, HERE. 

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KitGuru Says: I've played a bit of ARK over the last few weeks and its a good game if you are in to that sort of thing. Clearly there is still an audience for these games despite new ones being released on a monthly basis and most of them remaining unfinished. Have any of you tried out ARK? What do you think of it? I'm looking forward to seeing what modders can come up with now that the tools have been released. 

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