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ARK: Survival Evolved now has modding tools

Studio Wildcard, the team behind the most recent early access survival game success story, ARK: Survival Evolved, has just released modding tools for the game. Since ARK runs on Unreal Engine 4, the developer teamed up with Epic Games to create mod support and tools for the community currently playing …

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Epic to seed promising UE4 devs with $5 million

Epic Games has always fostered new development in the gaming industry. As well as offering its latest and greatest game engine to everyone and anyone that wants to give it a try, for just $19 a month, it's been giving away huge prizes and funding to developers for years with …

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Unreal Engine 4 can look stunningly real

While Benoît Dereau doesn't need to impress anyone in the gaming industry, having worked on the beautifully realised Dishonoured and developed some custom campaigns for Half Life 2 and Left 4 Dead, he has managed to wow a lot of people in the last 24 hours, by releasing one of the …

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Attack on Titan UE4 concept excites fans

Attack on Titan is a snowballing phenomenon of an anime/manga, in the West as much as the East, but if you aren't aware of it, it's often described as Japan's equivalent of the Walking Dead. Only with naked giants without genitals instead of zombies. Despite its popularity though, its only …

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The Stomping Land developer breaks silence

It turns out that Early Access title and Kickstarter success, The Stomping Land, is not dead- it's just switching to a new engine. After months of silence, the developer behind the game has finally spoke out to combat recent rumors suggesting that the game had been abandoned. The developer behind …

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Crytek, Epic make engines available on subscription

If you're an indie developer that always wanted to build a game using the prettiest engines in the world, but could never afford it, then today's your lucky day. Both Epic Games and Crytek have announced that they're making their respective engines available to anyone for a low monthly fee. …

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