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Attack on Titan UE4 concept excites fans

Attack on Titan is a snowballing phenomenon of an anime/manga, in the West as much as the East, but if you aren't aware of it, it's often described as Japan's equivalent of the Walking Dead. Only with naked giants without genitals instead of zombies. Despite its popularity though, its only gaming outings have been in the form of a 3DS title (Japanese release only) and a much more lauded tribute game for your PC's browser. However, fans of the series and its games have been salivating for the past couple of days, as someone just like them, but with a bit more game making know how, has been playing around with Unreal Engine 4 and made the following tantalising bit of demo footage. [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAIo3pdG14s']

While the gameplay on display here might lack any purpose, textures of much of anything really, the proof of concept is an exciting one, since the tribute game, while offering a surprisingly steep learning curve and deep three dimensional movement device mechanics, isn't particularly graphically impressive. That doesn't really detract from the game's fun, but we all love a bit of eye candy and if the mechanics of the tribute game could be applied to Unreal Engine 4, it would be a dream come true for many a fan of the anime and manga.


The downside there, is that the developer doesn't really have any concrete plans to continue development, this was just a fun side project for them. However, due to the warm reception, they've promised to consider doing more.

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KitGuru Says: Here's hoping they do, as a fully featured, UE4 Attack on Titan experience would be very exciting. 

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  1. This anime is the most overrated of all time. It is an average anime. seriously, I just don’t get the hype and find it sad that a lot of people will see this as their first anime/manga when there are so much more better ones out there.

  2. I totally disagree. I’ve never an anime that balances drama, action and a build up so well (and I’ve seen plenty). Unlike most of the animes that go so overboard with the notion of drama trying to mix in as much they can to get a story going. Just because you have a different taste doesn’t mean you need to make it sound like its an anime not worth liking… cant imagine how good of an experience it would have been if this was my first anime. Definitely would recommend for any first timers!

  3. I didn’t say it wasn’t good, im just saying it isnt as good as what everybody says it is. It’s only above average. animes like Code Geass, Guilty Crown, Soul Eater and FMA surpass this anime by far.

  4. I’ve seen Guilty Crown, Soul Eater and FMA (but not CG, yet) and IMHO they are fine but not as great as Attack On Titan.

    AoT is unique because it is the only anime I’ve seen that displays its characters having logical real life like emotions. In any other anime you would see them never having real fear of the titans and always succeeding in whatever they do without anyone being hurt. Eren is the only exception in this anime that behaves more like a regular anime/manga character.

  5. you obviously haven’t seen or read Akame Ga Kill. lol.

  6. haha Akame ga Kill, an anime that any character can interrupt and chat to somebody that has an on-going fight till death. Discuss something while in the midst of their fight while others are just watching. They are both cool anime but AoT has something that connects realistic approach on interactions, emotions, decision making and plots on every episode is enticing making you crave for the next one coming. Akame Ga Kill is same typical setup of anime. If Afro Samurai or Sword of the Stranger Movie has extended anime episodes, Akame Ga Kill is nothing compared.

  7. My point was that the AgK plot is very Game Of Thrones esque. That is that anyone can (and everyone does) die.

  8. K.