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Live Action Attack on Titan trailer 2 lands

The Attack on Titan live action movie has had some fans concerned for a while, with its B movie look in an early trailer and the fact that technology of the time appears to include rocket launchers, something certainly lacking from the pseudo medieval setting of the manga/anime. Still, the movie …

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Attack on Titan 3DS game coming to the west

Despite being quite a global phenomenon, the west usually gets a bit left out when it comes to Attack on Titan. Not only is the English translation of the manga a good few months behind that of its Japanese counterpart, but games based on the hit series are often denied …

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Universal Studios Japan has life-size AoT Titans

Although Attack on Titan could be pegged as just an alternate take on the tired zombie formula, its the size and grinning faces of the titans that makes it so unnerving. That and they're enormous and much harder to kill than your average head-shot deaddite. Still, that doesn't mean people …

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Attack on Titan live action actors revealed

If you're an anime and/or manga fan, then chances are you've spent some time in the past couple of years being simultaneously exhilarated and depressed, by the relentless and unforgiving slaughter-fest that is Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). While the next series of the anime isn't set to debut …

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Next Marvel crossover is with Attack on Titan

Marvel crossovers are some of the most fun comics to read, if for no other reason that you sometimes have to pinch yourself to realise someone actually made a mashup between Marvel, Zombies and the Evil Dead. The next one is set to be equally bizarre as it's with Shingeki …

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Attack on Titan UE4 concept excites fans

Attack on Titan is a snowballing phenomenon of an anime/manga, in the West as much as the East, but if you aren't aware of it, it's often described as Japan's equivalent of the Walking Dead. Only with naked giants without genitals instead of zombies. Despite its popularity though, its only …

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