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Battleborn has shut down for good

Gearbox missed the mark back in 2016 with Battleborn. While the game presented an interesting mix mechanics in both single-player and multiplayer form, it ultimately failed to garner much of a playerbase and as a result, Gearbox stopped working on it in 2017. Now, the game has officially shut down for good.

Gearbox announced that it would be shutting down Battleborn back in November 2020. Players had until the 31st of January to play the game one last time. Now we've entered February 2021 and Battleborn is no longer playable. Unfortunately, this server closure means even the single-player portion of the game can no longer be played – at least not officially.

As Eurogamer points out, some of the last remaining players took to the Battleborn subreddit yesterday to officially say goodbye to the game.

Moving forward, Gearbox will be working on some additional Borderlands 3 DLC and will continue publishing games too, like Homeworld 3, which is currently in the works.

KitGuru Says: Did any of you play Battleborn at all after its release? Do you think Gearbox will return to this IP someday?

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