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Bethesda treated us to a ton of DOOM Eternal gameplay footage at Quakecon

The day has finally arrived, today at Quakecon, the folks at id Software showed off the first gameplay footage from DOOM Eternal. This wasn’t a small trailer either, in-fact, we were treated to a massive on-stage deep dive, going over new weapons, new enemies, the Slayer’s new armour, new mechanics and new environments that we’ll be exploring during the campaign.

For DOOM Eternal, the slayer is getting an upgraded suit, with an over the shoulder flamethrower and a grappling hook that can be used to zip towards demons or use them as platforms to traverse around the level. Several classic enemies from older games are returning, in addition to some brand-new demons.

In DOOM (2016) we saw id Software try its hand at multiplayer. This will be evolving a bit in Eternal, with a new ‘invasion’ mode being added to the campaign. This will allow friends to team up and take control of demons in someone else’s campaign in order to hunt them down. Like in other games, invasions will optional, so you can choose to turn them off. It was teased that this will just be one of the ways that you’ll be able to enjoy the game with friends, so there seems to be other multiplayer ideas in the works.

Throughout the campaign, we’ll be exploring ‘hell on earth’, new areas in hell itself and parts of space, including Phobos.
We unfortunately don’t have a release date or window for DOOM Eternal just yet. However, the 20ish minutes of gameplay shown off today certainly looked impressive.

KitGuru Says: DOOM Eternal is looking excellent. The gameplay additions, the new invasion mode and the story teases for the campaign all have me hyped at this point. What did you guys think of the DOOM Eternal gameplay shown today? How do you feel about the new additions to the game?

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