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Bethesda won’t be holding a digital games showcase in June

Over the last four years, we've come to expect big announcements from Bethesda in June, whether they be from Bethesda Game Studios, or its publishing arm. With E3 and Quakecon cancelled, many have wondered if Bethesda would host its own Direct-style stream for announcements. It could happen, but it won't be happening in June. 

Pete Hines, Bethesda's VP of public relations, confirmed that it will be skipping June festivities for the first time in a few years now:

Judging by the wording, there may be some announcements coming later in the year, perhaps around Gamescom time. Although that event is also in question at this point, with organisers shifting more towards a digital format in preparation.

Of course, we know that Bethesda has at least two big games planned, the first being Starfield and the second being The Elder Scrolls VI. However, we know little about what is coming from the publishing side, so there could be some exciting announcements there with Arkane and Machine Games having been quiet for a while now.

KitGuru Says: Bethesda is still relatively new when it comes to putting on an E3 conference but they usually have at least one big exciting thing to show off. June is off the table for now, but hopefully we'll be getting some announcements before the end of 2020. 


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